How to correctly empty your leg bag

It’s important that you ask your nurse or healthcare professional how often you need to empty your catheter leg bag. It’s generally recommended that you empty your leg bag when it is 2/3 full but this will depend on how much urine you produce and the volume of the leg bag you choose to wear.

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Step 1: Wash and dry your hands and if someone is emptying your bag for you then they must apply a clean pair of gloves after washing and drying their hands.

Step 2: Hold the outlet tap of your leg bag over a clean toilet or suitable clean receptacle (used only for your urine drainage – we don’t suggest borrowing a pot from the kitchen).

Step 3: Open the tap by sliding the T tap or pushing the lever tap down while still holding the outlet tube over the toilet.

Step 4: Allow the leg bag to empty completely. While emptying the bag try to avoid contact between the drainage tap and the receptacle or toilet, then close the tap.

Step 5: Dry the end of the outlet tubing with a clean wipe if necessary.

Step 6: Reposition your leg bag using your support and fixation devices.

Step 7: Wash and dry your hands one more time.


Helpful tip!

If you are using a fixation sleeve, you can empty your leg bag without the need to remove the leg bag from the sleeve. Simply position your leg over the toilet or receptacle so that the outlet tap is in the correct position and follow from step 3.