Sustainability in the Healthcare Industry

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In the UK, our health services produce up to 600,000 tonnes of waste per annum - more than 1% of all domestic UK waste.  Unfortunately, regardless of disposal method, medical waste has the potential to pollute our planet. 

The need for sustainability within the health sector is becoming more apparent than ever. Sustainable product and business practice is key to helping our environment. Our focus on reducing our environmental impact is a daily practice here at Vyne! 

We regularly listen and act on feedback from Vyne users, and we see lots have concerns about the amount of plastic wastage and excessive packaging that is associated with many healthcare products on the UK market today.  

What is Vyne doing to help?  

  • Using renewable energy tariffs at all our sites 
  • Had LED lighting on movement sensors installed throughout our head office 
  • Using completely battery operated plant at our warehouse 
  • Purchased a baler that will help compress recyclable materials such as plastic, paper and cardboard into small, manageable sizes, now collected in a single trip!
  • Electric Car Scheme for everyone at Vyne. 
  • Installing a brand-new heating system that uses air source heat pumps (ASHP) to keep our office at the right temperature! 
  • Purchased our first Electric vehicle for local deliveries in and around West Yorkshire! 
  • We have also started reporting on our carbon emissions and have plans in place to reduce these year on year 

At Vyne we recognise there are environmental impacts associated with everything we do, from powering the office and warehouse to delivering products to the commuting our staff undertake to carry out their work. By identifying where in the business these emissions are being created we can take proactive steps to reduce and eventually eliminate them.‘

- Ian Wheeler, CSR & Sustainability and officer 

Steps are being taken by many in the industry which is causing others to reshape their best practices and look more closely at how we can make the right decisions for our environment!  

We have a strong commitment to helping preserve our environment – that's why every decision we make is made with the environment in mind.

You can read our full Environmental and Sustainability Policy here