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We’re not saying we’re perfect, but we’re doing our very best to come as close to it as humanely possible. And it’s not just the business that’s constantly working on being more sustainable either. All of our employees make conscious green decisions for themselves on a daily basis.

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So, what exactly is I that we’re doing for our planet?

We believe that, as a business, we have a responsibility to be as sustainable in all our operations as we can be. That’s why protecting the environment is on the top of our agenda! But let’s look at some things we’re doing to limit our impact on the planet.

We have made everything we can 100% digital! That means that with us, you won’t be flooded with printed marketing materials coming through your door. And even your orders will only contain the bare minimum of printed stuff.

Eco-friendly packaging
All of our packaging is plastic free! Our boxes are made completely of cardboard and can be recycled, our insulation for temperature-controlled packages is 100% made of wool and for all our other fillers we only use recycled materials.

We’re a one-stop shop
We have everything you need under one roof and can provide all your medication and appliances in one delivery. This doesn’t just save a bunch of energy but also means that only one delivery truck needs to turn up at your house. And we all know how great saving fuel is for the environment!

We’re also currently working very hard on getting accredited by different environmental and sustainability organisation to make good on our promise and show you that we actually mean what we say!


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Vyne & The Woodland Trust

Did we already mention that we’re super passionate about our UK woodlands and about battling climate change? So, helping to protect and rebuild our woods was a no-brainer for us! Why are we doing it? Easy! Because it’s not just great for the planet, it also gives a home to wildlife and provides a mental and physical wellbeing haven for people.

And let’s be honest; now more than ever does our planet need the power of trees as they play such a big role in combating the climate crisis. And that’s exactly why we proudly support The Woodland Trust, the UK’s number one woodland conservation charity. By helping them plant new trees and protect existing woodlands, we’re hoping to avoid the climate crisis.

And all of that is only the very beginning of our long sustainability journey! We’re constantly looking for other green things we can do so keep an eye out on the website and our social channels to see where our journey takes us!

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