How to position your catheter strap

Once you have chosen where you want to wear your catheter strap and have measured and bought the correct size, now it is time to fit your strap.

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Positioning the catheter strap

As a first step, you need to bring the catheter strap into position. To do so, place the catheter strap around either the leg or lower abdomen - wherever you have chosen to wear your catheter strap. Ensure the two silicone lines are facing down onto the skin as this will give you a comfortable grip on the skin and prevent the catheter strap from slipping down when you move.

Once the catheter strap is in place, make sure it’s not too tight and you are comfortable with the position.


Once your catheter strap is in position

Step 1: Lift the plastic strip on your catheter strap and wrap it over and under the catheter or catheter leg bag tubing and then through the small eyelet. 

Step 2: Check that your catheter or leg bag tubing is secured in the desired position and the catheter strap has a firm hold of the tubing then secure the strap using the Velcro tab.

Step 3: Finally, ensure the catheter is not pulling when you stand up and that you are able to move around comfortably with the catheter strap in place.

If you are uncomfortable with the positioning, you can remove the tubing from the catheter strap and start again or even remove the catheter strap and start again. Just ensure you always support the weight of your leg bag.

Remember: You can position your catheter strap on your thigh or abdomen, and use it to secure either the catheter or the leg bag tubing.