How to have a safe Christmas this year

With Christmas just around the corner it becomes more and more apparent every day just how different it will be this year. There will be no big gatherings with your whole family and no dinner parties with all your friends. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have a little celebration this year! Here are some simple things you can do to still make the most of your Christmas holiday.

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Keep it small and simple

We all like a big Christmas bash but with Covid still around it’s best to keep it as intimate as possible. The fewer people you invite, the smaller the risk! So rather than hosting a huge get-together, try to invite just the ones closest to you. And always make sure to doublecheck national guidelines before going ahead with your party.


Keep your guests up to date

If you have more than just two people over for a visit, it might be worth considering a stay safe plan. Share it with your guests prior to your party to make sure everyone knows how things are going to take place. Remember that everyone feels little different about Covid and its risks so make sure to give people the chance to tell you what they want and don’t want.


Space, space, space!

One thing we know for sure is that indoors is much riskier than the great outdoors when it comes to the transmission of viruses. So why not consider moving your party into your back garden? If that’s not possible, try to not use the stuffiest room of the house for your little gathering (the focus is on little!). And even though it’s probably freezing outside, don’t forget to let some fresh air in through any windows and doors.


If you can host outdoors, grab some festive decorations, and turn your back garden into your own little winter wonderland. Winter generally doesn’t provide the best conditions for an outside party so make sure to keep your guests toasty. An outdoor tent (if you have enough space), handwarmers, wearable blankets, a fire pit and outdoor heaters are all perfect options. Warm food and drink will also help to keep your visitors nice and warm. Hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine, a hearty soup, and maybe some roasted chestnuts for the Christmas spirit – the possibilities are endless. And if you want to be extra safe, you can always ask people to bring their own mugs, thermoses, and food.


Connect from wherever you are

Christmas this year can feel especially hard if your family doesn’t live close by. If that’s the case, make sure to organise some things that make you feel connected. Maybe organise a recipe exchange before Christmas, so everyone can enjoy a bit of grandma’s stuffing. You could also create a shared Spotify list and get everyone singing and dancing along to the same songs (in your comfiest cozies, of course). And if you really want to feel like you’re there, ask your family to put a laptop on the dining table and enjoy your Christmas dinner with them.


Don’t focus on what you don’t have!

Try not to focus on the things you’re missing and rather be grateful for the things you have. The more positive you feel, the better Christmas will be! Just think about all stress you can avoid this year by not having to queue for ages at airport security, not having to deal with delayed flights and worries whether you’ll be able to make your connection. Embrace the difference this year’s Christmas brings! And who knows? Maybe that’s exactly what will make it extra special.