We are proud to introduce our newest partnership, with the carbon offsetting and tree planting experts, Ecologi.

We’re true believers that small actions can grow into great things, so that’s why for every Vyne Shop order you place, we’ll be donating a tree on your behalf. So no matter what’s in your Vyne Shop box, your new tree will be part of the Vyne Forest for lifetimes to come.

Your tree won't only be placed in the digital Vyne Forest for eternity, but will be physically planted somewhere around the world. Whether it’s in Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, or here in the UK, we’ll be going on a reforestation journey with you, one tree at a time.

Your tree will be part of a wider project, reforesting lost woodland, absorbing CO2, or providing fresh produce to those who need it. When we send you your tracking details for your order, we’ll also send you a link to your new sapling. Here you will be able to see where your tree is located and read about the wider project it is contributing towards.

Take a look at what we’ve all achieved so far: https://ecologi.com/vyne



How does it work?

  1. Place your Vyne Shop order.
  2. We’ll pack up your order and let Ecologi know to plant a new sapling on your behalf. We use your initials to identify the donation, so only you will know its your tree.
  3. We’ll ship your items and send you an email with your tracking details along with a link to your new tree.
  4. You can see your tree in the Vyne Forest and find out more information about the project you’ve helped fund.


Vyne is funding a donation to Ecologi Action Ltd for the planting of one new sapling. There are no additional costs for Vyne Shop customers, this is a complimentary donation paid for by Vyne. The donation is applied to all orders, and is attributed to the ‘Order Name’, using initials. Initials are used to ensure the privacy of our customers, whilst also providing a unique reference for users to find their donation on the Ecologi dashboard.