How can you be more Sustainable in 2023...

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We often overlook how small changes to the way we live can really help us to live more sustainably and look after our planet. 

At Vyne, we keep our environmental impact at the forefront of our minds with every decision we make. We know that even small change can have a huge difference when it comes to the environment.  

So, we've put together some simple and effective tips that everybody can do to help us eat, drink, travel and shop more sustainably.... 


  1. Reuse your Vyne Delivery Box!

Before recycling your next Vyne delivery box – have a think, could you use the box for another purpose?  

Repurposing packaging is a great way of helping to reduce waste – even if that waste is recyclable! 

Maybe you could use our box as storage? 


  1. Use alternative methods of getting around rather than using a car

This one's simple! If possible, you should always try to walk, cycle or use public transport to travel around. 

Even better you could think about going electric! Many of our employees at Vyne already have their very own electric car. 


  1. Try reducing your consumption of meat

Meat consumes a huge amount of energy and water as well as polluting the ground, air and soil!  

Even eating two meals a week that are plant-based can make all the difference. 

Why not try BBC Good Foods Plant Based Recipes... 


  1. Use a food compost bin!

Buy or even create your own compost bin for the house!  

This is a great way of getting rid of our food waste and it also helps all the nutrients return to the soil. 


  1. Reduce your water usage

We are all guilty of leaving the tap running from time to time, however at the end of the day, we all know it's wasteful, and there is only so much on the planet! 

You should always think about: 

  • How often you wash your clothes 
  • Throwing water down the sink 
  • Do you really need to heat up the shower before getting in? 


Have you ever wondered what your carbon footprint is? - Why not check using the WWF Footprint Calculator and see what else you can do to do your bit for the environment. 

You can read our full Environmental and Sustainability Policy here