How to fit your urinary sheath

To get the best possible experience when using the a urinary sheath, it needs to be fitted correctly. To do just that, simply follow the steps below!

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Step 1: First of all, you need to select the right-sized sheath. A healthcare professional will be able to help you determine which size is the correct one for you.

Step 2: Before fitting the sheath, make sure your penis is clean and dry and that there is no broken skin. If you have any broken skin, don't fit the sheath and speak to a healthcare professional about it who will be able to advise on an alternative way of managing your urinary issues until your skin is healed.

Step 3: Wash and dry your hands (if a carer is fitting the sheath for you then they must apply a clean pair of gloves after drying their hands).

Step 4: Trim any hair which may get caught in the sheath. Most sheaths come with a useful pubic hair protector to make your sheath fitting experience more comfortable.

Step 5: Position the sheath over the end of your penis. It’s important your foreskin isn’t retracted when fitting the sheath. Leave a small space between the end of the penis and the base of the sheath spout. This will help the sheath to stay in place when passing urine.

Step 6: Fully unroll the sheath along the length of the penis, ensuring that it rolls evenly. Hold the sheath in place to ensure the adhesive has bonded.

Step 7: Secure the urine drainage bag to your leg first, using appropriate fixation devices and make sure you are comfortable and can move freely before connecting to the sheath to avoid any twisting, as this may prevent drainage. Fit the leg bag connector into the sheath spout, ensuring it isn’t pushed too far in, the tubing isn’t twisted and the sheath spout hasn’t kinked. Make sure the tap on your leg bag is in the closed position.

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    And that’s it. You’ve now correctly fitted your sheath!