How can I reduce my risk of infection with a catheter?

If you’ve had a urinary catheter inserted, your risk of developing an infection will have increased, so it’s important you’re aware of the various ways in which you can reduce these risks – so you can stay healthy and happy.

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So, why do catheters increase the risk of infection?

Bacteria in the catheter can bypass your body’s defence mechanisms (such as the urethra and the passing of urine) and enter the bladder. You may have heard doctors or nurses using the phrase ‘CAUTI’. This simply stands for ‘catheter-associated urinary tract infection’.


What will urinary tract infection symptoms be like if I have a catheter?

If you have a catheter and develop a urinary tract infection (UTI), you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain low down in your tummy or around your groin
  • A high temperature (fever)
  • Feeling cold and shivery
  • Confusion

It’s important you get in touch with your district nurse or GP straight away so they can develop a treatment plan, so you can start feeling back to normal again as soon as possible.


What can I do to reduce my risk of developing an infection with my catheter?

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of urinary tract infection. Try to do the following:

  • Wash the skin in the area where the catheter enters your body with mild soap and water at least twice a day.
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap before and after touching your catheter equipment.
  • Make sure you stay well hydrated – you should aim to drink enough fluids so that your urine stays pale.
  • Avoid constipation – staying hydrated can help with this, as can eating high-fibre foods, such as fruit and vegetables and wholegrain foods.
  • Avoid having kinks in the catheter and make sure any urine collection bags are kept below the level of your bladder at all times.


Catheter fixation

Unsecured catheters can result in unnecessary pulling of the catheter and rubbing inside the urethra, which can make you feel incredibly sore and leave you more exposed to developing a nasty infection.

Vyne offers a whole range of products designed with you in mind, so you can move about freely and with total confidence – safe in the knowledge that your catheter is properly secured. You can discover our fixation range here.


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